Outsourcing is a strategic business solution that, properly done, positions OEM customers for growth. Most North American companies understand the competitive advantages of offshore outsourcing including reduced cost and increased capacity, however, when faced with the prospect and associated costs of coordinating the sourcing, procurement, financing, transportation, foreign exchange, importing and the many other details to do business offshore, this enticement is quickly forgotten.

Brukar Inc. is an offshore contract manufacturer of stainless steel (as well as other alloys and aluminum) precision castings, machining, welding and assemblies for North American OEM customers since 1985. We take care of all the foreign supply chain management including importing details and sell to you FOB your dock in US dollars or Canadian dollars just like a local supplier. Our constant contact with offshore suppliers in conjunction with our own backgrounds enable us to aid our customers to realize significant savings on components used in their own product manufacture without sacrificing quality or on-time delivery.

Inventory stocking programs are available depending on our established customer’s needs.

Quality production, on-time delivery and competitive prices are our cornerstones. Creative solutions are our strength. Simply give us a call or forward the specifications of what you require to us. In most cases we can supply you with pricing, delivery information and ultimately a sample in a surprisingly short period of time.

We are founded by people with manufacturing backgrounds. People who know what it takes to manufacture a product and how busy the manufacturing executive can become. Rely on our proven strength since 1985 in offshore sourcing and supply chain management so that you can focus on your strengths here and grow your business