Custom Manufacturing
Brukar’s expertise in offshore supply chain management has been earned over the past 28 years. Our expertise covers a wide range of custom products and material for our OEM customers, everything from stainless steel precision castings for the foodservice industry and weldment assemblies to spray guns for the agricultural market. We can supply finished machined products.

Quality Control
Consistent, reliable quality is our top priority. Quality Control starts with our selection of the foundry that is most suitable for your business. All of our foundries are ISO certified. First samples are accompanied by a process capability report with CpK index included. We monitor production on-site during the casting process and ensure that final inspection quality control reports accompany each shipment. When manufacturing overseas, it’s crucial to catch any problems before production ships. If a problem somehow gets through, Brukar will ensure that the part in question is repaired or replaced.

Since implementing SPC more than 15 years ago, our largest customers have found that using SPC, the resulting CPK (Process Capability) values indicate that 99.73% of the critical features of Brukar castings fall within the designated engineering specifications. As well, a PPM (Parts per Million) of 34 (34 rejects of out 1 million parts) is expected.