Supply Chain Management

Minimize the risk and maximize the reward of offshore outsourcing with experienced, hands on supply chain management by a company with 30+ years in the offshore contract manufacturing business. Brukar Inc. takes care of all the details so you don’t have to.

Brukar Inc.understands global manufacturing processes including Asian manufacturer’s practices, expectations, culture, pricing, and payments. Brukar is uniquely positioned with office’s in North America and Bangalore India, to serve our customers during the North American business day and work with our overseas manufacturing partners during their business day. Brukar Inc. consolidates shipments, arranges the most competitive freight rates, and takes care of all the logistics including scheduling, import and export customs documentation. Local inventory stocking programs are available depending on our established customer’s needs.

Constant communication with all links in the supply chain ensures that we catch small problems before they become significant and capitalize on opportunities to reduce cost.