Brukar Inc. has manufacturing partners who specialize in the production of complete assemblies and/or sub-assemblies and weldments, comprised of a variety of materials, that are ready to go straight to your OEM production line. Or, if needed, parts can be shipped in consumer packaging that can then be shipped directly to the end-user.  Brukar’s customers source entire assemblies/sub-assemblies and weldments for the following reasons:

  • replaces several points of contact with 1 point of contact
  • reduces their number of SKU’s
  • reduces WIP
  • frees up floor space
  • reduces material handling
  • saves time
  • limits capital expenditures for new equipment, or equipment upgrades/maintenance needed for the assembly operation

All of the above improvements ultimately result in a lower unit price. A lower unit price improves margins, increases market share and improves your company’s bottom line.

Brukar’s sales team has a wealth of experience with on-site visits where, working directly with our customers, opportunities for such initiatives can be identified and subsequently explored. Give Brukar a call, or send us an email, and leverage our expertise to help you find those savings today!