Sand Casting

Brukar Inc. manufactures consistent high-quality sand castings for OEMs throughout North America and Europe. Diversification is the key to Brukar’s flexibility, Green Sand Moulding, air-set sand moulding processes are utilized to produce the highest quality castings.  Sand Casting is very versatile and cost effective process, it can produce parts of a large variety of complexity and size, ranging from a few ounces, to several tons.  Complex or simple cores can be designed and placed to create simple or complex internal Features.  Post process machining and surface finishing produce parts that meet the needs of many of Brukar’s customers.

Sand Casting Capabilities

  • Induction Furnace with crucibles of 330lbs to 660lbs (150kg to 300kg)
  • As cast dimensional tolerances: ISO 8062-4:2017
  • As cast surface quality standard: MSS SP-55-2011
  • For Materials Click Here
  • Size Range 1.1lbs to 2200 lbs, (0.5kg to 1000kg)
  • Types of Sands: Green Sand & Air Set Sand
  • Core Materials Available: No Bake Sand, Zicorn and Ceramic
  • Point of use packaging to suit your production requirements
  • Testing Facilities: spectrometer, tensile test machine, hardness test machine, CMM Dimension report
  • Certifications: ISO9001:2008
  • Machine Capabilites: CNC Turning, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Cutting, Reaming and Threat