Brukar Inc. at The Canadian ASQ Conference 2017

I was very excited to attend the first ever ASQ National Conference held in Canada, on September 25th and 26th in Ottawa, and to kick off the event distributing some post cards supporting social responsibility – all along I was thinking about the focus/theme of the conference;

”A Confederation of Quality Professionals Working Toward an Inclusive and Sustainable Canada”

and how we can work together to make a stronger and more resilient Canada.

Just the theme itself gave me a sense of unity and cumulative sustenance. The word sustainability though, sort of stood out for me.  It led me to think “what is the relationship between quality and sustainability?” Does quality quantify sustainability or does sustainability measure quality? I concluded that the two are interlinked – HAPPY THAT THEY ARE INSEPERABLE.

Brukar Inc., has for over 32 sustainable years, provided steadfast quality parts and services to customers all over the world, starting right about the same time that Dr. Deming and Dr. Juran encouraged quality principles that sounded ahead of their time. Accordingly, the commitment to quality formed the foundation of Brukar’s business eminency, and sustainability defined its future.

The marketplace and technology are ever evolving. Brukar not only withstood, but in fact embraced the changes. By staying focused on creating value propositions, being part of the business ecosystem, and collaboratively sharing vision with employees, customers and suppliers, Brukar creates great value that benefits all stakeholders.

This brings me back to the essence of the conference… Canada can flourish with today’s go-to-market competitiveness, and embrace change by forging ahead with a content-oriented and integrated approach in which the aspect of collaborative effort is vital, taking diverse ideas to the next level, and benchmarking with the world’s leading businesses, and by adopting the principals of sustainable quality that defines successful businesses.

The conference featured highly esteemed “thought-leaders”, who addressed a variety of topics. Each shared their profound knowledge that involved expansive views and diverse ideas, their topics encouraged cooperation, all geared toward creating and maintaining a high performing Canada.

I am looking forward to attending more ASQ Canada Conferences, as I thoroughly enjoyed this first conference in Ottawa…


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